Just LIVE! a focus on the advanced legislative framework

JuST LIVE!  State Action. National Change.

This year, Shared Hope will be hitting “pause” on our regular JuST Conference content to bring you a special series from the Shared Hope Institute for Justice and Advocacy the JuST LIVE! State Action. National Change.

Throughout the month of October, this series of free webinars will introduce six key issue areas that form the Advanced Legislative Framework, which the Institute for Justice & Advocacy is excited to release on Wednesday, November 18.

The following are the six issue areas that will be addressed under the Advanced Legislative Framework:

  • Criminal Provisions
  • Identification of and Response to Victims
  • Continuum of Care
  • Access to Justice for Trafficking Survivors
  • Tools for a Victim-Centered Criminal Justice Response
  • Prevention and Training

What is the Advanced Legislative Framework?

It is comprised of the provisions that are still needed in state law to ensure a just response is provided to minor victims of sex trafficking. It builds on the foundation established over the past 10 years by The Protected Innocence Challenge  legislative framework which has been used to grade the states every year since 2011. The Protected Innocence Challenge project was our vision for mobilizing states to improve legislation that impacts the sex trafficking of minors. Ten years of grassroots mobilization, advocacy, technical assistance, and consistent collaboration has allowed this vision to largely become reality.

All states now have a child sex trafficking law and most states have made significant progress in providing laws that protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable; collectively, the country has made significant progress in those matters.  However, little has been done to address and fund specialized services for victims, or adequately address root causes such as demand.  The past decade has also led to new research and opportunities to listen to survivors, bringing ever increasing clarity to the law and policy that must be in place to actually, finally, put an end to the sex trafficking of minors. It became clear that now is the time to raise the bar and challenge states to enact an advanced framework of laws for the protection of child sex trafficking victims.

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To support implementation of the Advanced Legislative Framework, our Policy Team is available to provide technical assistance and legislative advocacy support; if you are a legislator, advocate, or state agency employee you may submit a technical assistance request here.


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You can view the Agenda by selecting the Agenda button. It is also summarized below and organized by Issue Area.

Click Here to see a complete Agenda. Webinars are summarized below by Issue Area.
1. Criminal Provisions

Clear criminal laws, including those that criminalize buyers of sex with children, are needed to ensure all sex trafficking offenders can be held accountable.

October 7th

2: Identification of and Response to Victims

State laws must identify all commercially sexually exploited children as victims of trafficking and provide for a protective, rather than punitive response.

October 9th

3: Continuum of Care

To break the cycle of exploitation, state laws must provide victims access to funded, trauma-informed services.

October 14th

4: Access to Justice for Trafficking Survivors

A range of civil and criminal justice remedies must be available for victims under the law.

October 16th

5. Tools for a Victim-Centered Criminal Justice Response

Criminal justice procedures for the benefit and protection of victims must be provided under the law.

October 21st

6. Prevention and Training

To help prevent trafficking and promote more just responses to child sex trafficking victims, training for child welfare, juvenile justice, law enforcement, prosecutors and school personnel, and prevention education for students, must be required by law.

October 23rd

State Action, National Change: Report Cards on Child & Youth Sex Trafficking

Wednesday, November 18


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